As a passionate countryman Mark, raised on a hill farm in N Yorkshire, learned to make the most of the quality ingredients that came to hand. This love of cooking has transformed itself from a passion to a business in which he is equally passionate.

Mark Gilchrist is one of the best known countrymen of his generation. He combined his twin loves of shooting and cooking by starting Game for Everything in 2003. His traditional game pie, crafted to exceptional standards, became an instant staple of the country fairs and winter picnics around the south of England. From these modest beginnings, he has expanded, using his comprehensive knowledge of game and how to cook it, to to create a catering service that delights those fortunate enough to sample it.

Mark realised early on that we don’t take advantage of the amazing natural food that is on our doorstep. With Game for Everything, Mark aims to re-establish the old staples of rabbit, pheasant, wild duck and venison in the national palate. Game is not only natural, unprocessed, lean, organic, healthy, environmentally friendly and tasty; it is also economical. Mark has shown with his fantastic culinary skills how we can once more take full advantage of this wonderful food.

As Game for Everything has grown, Mark has made sure he can still find time to gather his own ingredients. If you find yourself tucking into a Wellington of fallow deer or rabbit and wild mushroom pie, there is a good chance that Mark shot it himself.