Game for Everything prides itself on the fantastic quality of the ingredients that it uses. Game for Everything’s highly efficient supply chain means that the ingredients are often shot the very day of the event. The freshness of our meat cannot be rivalled by other catering companies and that quality is reflected in the food itself, which customer feedback confirms is exceptional.

Game for Everything can supply ingredients that can be hard to find in other catering companies: teal, widgeon, pintail, muntjac deer and many more are very easy for mark to get his hands on.

Other ingredients, such as vegetables and dairy products, are sourced direct from out partner producers. We insist all our ingredients have very low food mileage, and is produced in the wild.

The food is all hand made by us from scratch, all our pastries, (including our famous all butter puff pastry) fillings, sauces and even our sausages are made by us on site. Since we started, our philosophy has been always been make it from scratch to provide our customers with better value for money, better quality and to ensure we can guarantee the quality at every step of the process.